We Have a Problem.

11% of Creative Directors are women. An even smaller percentage are moms. 

If agencies foster a more supportive work environment, women will be more likely to return to work after having kids.
Our mission is to increase the percentage of female creative directors by bringing back moms to the creative department. 

Thats why we created:
Mad Moms: A Movement to Empower Creative Ad Moms

case study

Sometimes Boss Moms (& Dads) don't have time to read

Step One: Create Buzz

We created a rap video that's funny & light-hearted... until you realize it's not a joke.
Why should women have to choose between being a "Mom Boss" and a "Boss Mom"??!



"The MadMoms Ten" is a checklist that states ten things an agency can do to be mom-friendly.
We'll send these to agencies to encourage them to join the MadMoms movement. 
We will rate agencies on their Mom-friendliness based on these 10 criteria. 



Here, we will encourage agencies to pledge their support, have a database
with each company's current programs and benefits, a mentorship program, and a forum space. 


Our "Agency Spotlight" database, which is available to the general public, helps moms to find agencies that fit their needs.
Type an agency's name into the searchbox to discover its mom- friendly policies, benefits, and programs.

We created MoMents, the MadMoms mentorship program, 
to create a support system for moms who want to get back into the advertising game.

The "Community" tab has two sections.
The “Let’s Talk About It” section is a place for moms to ask questions, share advice, and discuss relevant topics. 


The “Let’s Do It” section gives moms access to job opportunities. 
Agencies that are members can post open positions to the "Job Postings" tab. 

Moms can post their books to the "Portfolios" section to find a partner, 
find someone to job share with, or for recruiters to check it out.


Not only have we had the privilege to work side by side with the 4 A's to develop this site,
our music video gained the attention of The 3% Conference, Wendy Clark and Cindy Gallop, among others.
We were also fortunate enough to present our work to The 4A's, The Martin Agency, McKinney, The Girls' Lounge, and multiple people involved with The 3 Perfect Conference.



Copywriter: Caroline Gallalee

Experience Designer: Andrea Vega