Traveling sucks. But traveling sucks even more for your luggage.

While you’re complaining about the in-flight entertainment being an Adam Sandler film,
consider what it’s like to be your poor suitcase.

Luckily, Samsonite luggage is tough enough to deal with all travel inconveniences. 



While complaining about having to wait 10 minutes sitting on the runway, 
enjoy our in-flight mini games, and put your luggage to the test!

tray table.jpg

Fling that poor luggage across the terminal to beat your high score.

Stack the luggage as high as you can, while the bottom bag faces insufferable pain.

Jump over the abandon luggage on the tarmac - but try not to run it over!

While enjoying your luxurious free airport wifi, mess around with the Samsonite Snapchat filter.


Copywriter: Kelly Cabaniss