"Ghost Pots" are crab traps that have been stranded on the ocean floor.
These are not only costing waterman to replace equipment, and government to retrieve these traps,
but it is causing detrimental effects on the environment. 

So we created Trap Saver, a GPS-enabled lift bag, to help fishermen save their traps.

the Technology

Trap Saver has two main components;
the lift bag that attaches to the cage with a GPS sensor sticker on its refillable nozzle,
and a second sister GPS sensor sticker that attaches to the buoy.
When these two pieces go out of range from one another, the fisherman is notified. 
The fisherman then inflates the lift bag to bring the crab trap to the surface.

The App

The Trap Saver app connects to the GPS sensor on the product. It notifies watermen if their line was severed, and gives them the ability to see the coordinates of every pot they dropped, and control the inflate feature of the lift bag.

Art Director: Jason Goldberg

Copywriter: Kaitlin DeMayo

Copywriter: Matt Warnoker